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C.T.G. CZ, s.r.o.

Kostomlatská 685/1
190 00 Praha 9 - Letňany
Česká republika

tel.: 283 931 838
        283 932 659
        283 932 660-2

e-mail: info@ctg-praha.cz


Representing companies and their products:

  • APEX (invisible, phosphorous, thermochromic and photochromic pigments)
  • BRILLIANT (day glow dyes)
  • BYK (bentonites, clays, rheological additives)
  • Caldic (farmacetical raw materials, intermediates, inorganic and pure chemicals)
  • Concentrol (release agents)
  • CONSTAB / KAFRIT GROUP (Flame retardants, masterbatches, stabilisers, aditives)
  • EVERLIGHT (UV stabilisers, UV absorbers, organic dyes)
  • HALLSTAR (non pthalate polymeric plasticisers)
  • ISHIZUKA GLASS CO. (activated Silver for antibacterial treatment)
  • JACOBI (Activated Carbons)
  • KÖMMERLING / HB FULLER (bonding agents for rubber to metal/plastics releasing agents CILRELEASE)
  • Livent (Lithium, Lithium salts)
  • MAGNESIA GmbH (Flame retardants based on Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium hydroxide)
  • MD Plast (colour concetrates, masterbatches and aditives)
  • MICROPOL (thermo-plastic powders for fluid coating and rotation moulding )
  • MILLIKEN (dyes for soaps and detergents dyes for anti-freeze and de-icer dyes for non-destructive testing liquid organic dyes dyes for adhesives FD&C certified dyes ( for food, drugs and cosmetics))
  • MULTISORB TECHNOLOGIES - SILGEL (dessicants - silicagels, clays, zeolites)
  • PR International (splicing tapes for release papers)
  • PROQUIMAC (Dyes and inorganic pigments for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics)
  • SYNTHOMER (polyvinyl alcohols and polyvinyl acetates)
  • Vibrantz (inorganic and organic pigments)
  • ZELLAG (polyethylene waxes)


Bisnode certifikát pro rok 2019

Již po čtvrté společnost společnost obdržela certifikát Bisnode od společnosti Dun and Bradstreet.

Bisnode certifikát 2018

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